Introducing Ongoza’s New CEO

The Ongoza Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Munyutu Waigi, effective November 2, 2020

Born in Kenya, Munyutu spent the majority of his childhood and early professional years in London.  His entrepreneurial background spans from founding and leading Umati Capital (a fin-tech) in 2012, which provided working capital to SMEs within the agribusiness sector.  Umati Capital has since been recognised as a top fin-tech start-up in the region having won numerous international accolades (MasterCard & Citi Bank) as well as media mentions. The board and team are grateful to have him on board to continue driving the work of supporting our entrepreneurs and creating the change and impact we all hope for!

In the same spirit of celebration, we would like to give special thanks to Lisa Issroff for her time in supporting Ongoza for the last seven years as she retires from her position as Board Chair.  We cannot thank Lisa enough for her dedication and commitment to Ongoza’s success.

The Board has also appointed Parminder Vir as the Interim Board Chair! We appreciate her willingness to take up the role and are looking forward to the next years of her leadership.  Parminder’s nomination was accepted as an Interim Position, with the goal of looking for African leadership for a more permanent Chair as we move forward through this transition. 

The Board and Ongoza team are immensely grateful and have a sense of loss that we say farewell to Lydiah Muya, our outgoing Interim CEO, as she transitions to a new venture.  Over the past three years, Lydiah has dedicated her time and energy to transforming Ongoza into a sustainable organisation.  During her time in Ongoza, Lydiah supported Ongoza’s growth as a Programs Manager and later was appointed as the Interim CEO where she executed our strategic vision, supported in managing the team, and built a supporting infrastructure to drive programs and the organisation’s strategy.  The Board of Directors of Ongoza is incredibly proud and fortunate to have had Lydiah as our leader during this critical phase in our development. 

We wish Lydiah the best of luck in her future endeavors. Thank you for your contributions to Ongoza’s success!

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